A single pencil portrait typically takes me between 15 and 20 hours to complete. This does take patience but as every subject is unique with its own challenges I really love what I do.

Having decided on a suitable photograph to work from I set out the initial outline of the subject and start to draw the eyes, which are the key to a good likeness. When these are done to my satisfaction I turn my attention to the other details, modelling the contours and following the direction of the fur and hair. Each detail is as important as the next and as the work progresses I really enjoy seeing the way the highlights and shadows balance to bring the subject forward from the flat page, almost like a sculpture.

Once I am happy with the end result I will send or email a photograph of the drawing to you for review. I can still make changes if necessary and when you are completely satisfied I will spray the drawing with a clear fixative to prevent smudging and mount it on a backing board with a bevelled mount, ready for framing.

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